Aaliyah M.

Tour Guide at Columbia Basin College


Class of 2025

Hometown: Sunnyside, WA

Major: Radiologic technician

I chose CBC because....

I feel like it is the best fit for me & offers a variety of different programs and gives me the opportunity of staying close to home, as well with the smaller class sizes.

A few of my life goals are.....

To become financially stable in a career path that I enjoy.

What are you excited to do/see at CBC this year?

I am excited to get into the school year it is a new experience for me! I am also excited to meet new people and be able to ease any other students nervousness about college.

Favorite class or professor?

My favorite class has to be my stats class I took, math has never been my strong subject or so I thought. I ended up doing really great in that class.

I'm passionate about...

Flowers Listening to Music Playing with my dog Bath and Body Works Candles Rafting Crafting Painting and Drawing

I'm involved with...

Volunteer Painting
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