Jose G.

Tour Guide at Columbia Basin College

Class of 2019

Hometown: Kennewick, WA

Major: Dental Hygiene

What are you excited to do/see at CBC this year?

I am definitely excited for my first year as an ambassador for CBC and I am in hopes of doing an amazing job for them.

A few of my life goals are.....

A few of my life goals at the moment are to have better grades in my college classes than when I went to high school and get closer to my career as a Dental Hygienist.

I chose CBC because....

I chose CBC because of the amazing programs they have to offer compared to other colleges. I also chose CBC because of how outstandingly affordable it is.

Favorite class or professor?

My favorite teacher for my first year in college is my Sociology because of how oddly accurate this subject is to the society we live in now.

I'm passionate about...

Football Music Addict Art

I'm involved with...

Art Boxing Ambassadors
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