Sawyer E.

Tour Guide at Columbia Basin College

Class of 2021

Hometown: Ontario , OR

Major: Computer Science

A few of my life goals are.....

My life goal is pursing a career that I am passionate about while constantly challenging myself to learn and explore new things on the way.

I chose CBC because....

I chose CBC because it offers academic programs I am interested in, as well as a basketball program I feel I can contribute too.

What are you excited to do/see at CBC this year?

I am very excited to take on this ambassador role here at CBC while meeting new people and learning more about the school on the way. As well as being able to put on a hawks jersey for the game I love.

Favorite class or professor?

I have not yet had a chance to meet with any professors or had a chance to sit through a class here at CBC , but have heard nothing but good things and can't wait for the opportunity!

I'm passionate about...

Playing Basketball Film Editing
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