Maryam Y.

Tour Guide at Columbia Basin College

Class of 2027

Hometown: Kennewick, WA

Major: Nursing

I chose CBC because....

Its on my hometown so i can stay home and save up money, and because it has alot of different opportunities for everyone.

Favorite class or professor?

My favorite professor is Elise Leahy because she was fair with her grading and provided multiple ways to earn extra credit. She also helped me alot with my career goals.

What are you excited to do/see at CBC this year?

I am very excited to see the equity center come together at CBC. i feel like it will defiantly bring students together.

A few of my life goals are.....

I want to own a house by the time i am 22 years old. I want to be experienced and passionate and have a bright future surround with love.

I'm passionate about...

Eating Shopping Skating Painting

I'm involved with...

Basketball Skating
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